A Lasting Investment


Please consider the following when booking a commission. For serious inquiries, please submit a message via the “contact” tab for further information including pricing.

  • Reference Photo

    • Artist ability contingent on quality of reference photo. Reference photo must contain the entirety of desired image. Blurred, dim, or grainy photo will not provide necessary detail.

  • Prints

    • Prints of your custom artwork can be made in addition to the commissioned original. Prints require a digital capture fee plus cost of each print. Artist retains rights to create and sell prints of any commission. Print pricing by size available upon request.

  • Framing

    • Commissioned artworks are professionally matted and framed unless requested otherwise. Framing cost by size available upon request.

  • Payment & Shipping

    • All commissions require 50% payment upon contract agreement. Remaining balance is due at time of completion. Payments can be made via check, Venmo, transfer, or PayPal. Shipping for unframed commission is a $10 shipping fee. Shipping for framed commissions is a $20 shipping fee. Tracking number will be provided at time of shipment.